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Welcome to Denise Brett

A private psychotherapy practice that caters for both adults and children, co-founded by Denise Brett in 2002... More...



Sometimes reactions
of anxiety and distress can be traced to an immediate event or life-crisis. Specific events that contribute to unhappiness include accident or trauma, bereavement, relationship breakdown and problems in the sphere of work or study.

Counselling provides an opportunity for addressing the immediate problem and reviewing options.


What can I expect.
On my first visit?

A relaxed and comfortable
setting in which you can discuss your options in confidence with your therapist. Generally, client and therapist agree to meet for a number of exploratory sessions before deciding whether further psychotherapy is appropriate.






A space to think...

Most people have no shortage of people in their lives telling them what they 'should' think.

It is sometimes very difficult to know our own views or desires because of the constant bombardment from friends, family, colleagues, and media telling us how we should feel, think and behave. 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy allows us to find out who we really are...More...