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Stress| Denise Brett

Stress seems to be the buzz world of our time.  Everything is attributed to stress.  Everything causes stress and stress is considered to be a bad thing.  It is interesting that stress is considered to be a kind of pressure and yet the other buzz word of our time is depression which could be considered to be a lack of pressure, an apathy and lack of motivation.


These are large generalisations, nevertheless we need some pressure or stress or thing to propel us in our lives.  Problems can occur when we experience too much and it manifests as stress or we experience too little and experience depression.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy provides you with an unpressurised space away from the 'shoulds' of modern life giving you the opportunity to explore your life events.


Life Events| Denise Brett


Sometimes reactions of anxiety and distress can be traced to an immediate event or life-crisis. Specific events that contribute to unhappiness include accident or trauma, bereavement, relationship breakdown and problems in the sphere of work or study. Counselling provides an opportunity for addressing the immediate problem and reviewing options.


Where difficulties are long-term, or a particular type of problem tends to recur, Beaufield Centre offers a supportive therapeutic environment. Psychotherapy offers help for a variety of long-term problems. These can range from an inability to make decisions to panic attacks, depression, phobias, sexual difficulties and addictions. Psychotherapy is also suitable for people who have a vague feeling of dissatisfaction with life.